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'So Many Things to Say' is a brand new EP by Orly Vardy and that just about sums up the range of music she sings here. 


Orly's previous album "A Million Love Songs" did very well for her, and the new one should do equally well, or even better.


Orly has the most beautiful, sweet and sensitive soprano voice, and a great feel for the meaning of lyrics - you can tell she sings from the heart.

Her husband, Ofer, arranged, recorded and produced the album, and they obviously make a great team, with an understanding that can only come from the true love they share.


Orly sings about love, loss and wasted opportunities, and even adds a song about her relationship with God.

On one track Orly's duets with a male Italian heart-throb, in English and Italian, which will attract the envy of many young ladies.


All in all this is one album that lovers of good music will not want to miss.


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